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TalkTalk Telecom Group plc (commonly known as TalkTalk Group, trading as TalkTalk) is a company which provides pay television, telecommunications, Internet access, and mobile network services to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse and was demerged as a standalone company in March 2010. Its headquarters are in Salford.

"Absolutely disappointed, with the service." says "Chris w" on a review of Talktalk on the Broadband page on September 25, 2020:

"Absolutely disappointed, with the service. The internet would be at the correct speed for a few weeks and then connection drops and the speed is so slow that you can't even load website. Customer service wants to upsell their products."


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IP Network Access Engineer (Former Employee) says

"i advise not to work for such company very bad experience, work for them for 8 years. managers and director behavior is disgraceful. very stressful environment"

Senior Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work, micromanagement, low understanding of technical work, depressed staff. not a good atmosphere for mental heakth and well being"

Call Agent At The Nottingham Loyaty Department (Former Employee) says

"1. It’s the most unprofessional place I’ve ever worked!! You have “experienced staff” members throwing things, shouting & swearing, you have some thinking it’s acceptable to play music out loud. all off this is happening while people are on the phone! It’s extremely hard to hear what the customers are saying when all this is going on! 2. The training... well this is just something else! You have a week in a meeting room talking about the business and a little about what you will be doing, you then have 2/3 days call listening, you are then expected to go into the phone and know everything When you ask for some help I’ve found some staff members to be extremely rude & aggressive!!! 3. They tell you on your first day that you cannot use a mobile phone on the call center floor due to DPA regulations, then will someone explain to me one “supervisor” in particular uses “her” mobile phone for personal reasons more then work reasons which is why they are allowed them on the floor (apparently) I’ve witnessed this “supervisor” speak to “her” boyfriend during work hours and at one point Face Timing a friend while at her desk!! I have also seen her take "bored" selfies on her phone when texting friends/boyfriend 4. Breaks... (I’m sure this is breaking the law) if you have put down for overtime be prepared to work the whole day with 0 breaks, I was told you can request them but you to have to work them back the same day! This also applies for the one Saturday every month you have to work! Now I’ve always been told you have to have a break away from your workstationLeavingPlease read eveything above!! Don't make the same mistake I did and apply"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"No home and work life balance. Terrible salary. No progression and unfair dismissal. Constant job turn over due to poor treatment of staff.Just an awful place to work.noneSalary. Hours. Unfair dismissal. No support from management."

Loyalty Agent (Current Employee) says

"The worst place i have worked and i still work here I come in and i feel unappreciated for all the work i do. It makes me feel depressed. The company i work for is an outsource an they do not look after the staff or the building."

Customer service and sales team leader (Former Employee) says

"they dont care about their clients or staff , stay away from them they lie to clients force you to lie to them then they leave you to deal with angry customers"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"the place was so laid back nothing got done till the managers was coming in then everyone was running around like headless chickens to get stuff done"

SALES REPRESENTATIVE (Former Employee) says

"Gaining experience in both in a call centre and generating door to door business. Promoting the company, their products and the benefit of the industry.Able to learn from my experianceanti social working hours"

salesperson (Former Employee) says

"i worked for a marketing company for about 12 hours a day learned more about face to face saleslong hours low pay if any"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"As a qualified accountant with previous telecomms experience. I was looking forward to working for Talk Talk. However very little training, support, poor leadership, a blame culture and long working hours are the norm at TT.Site was close to homeLong hours, awful management."

Customer Service Agent, (Former Employee) says

"Overall the company changes its culture every 6 months, employees are constantly afraid of losing their jobs, always in-fighting at the top, there is a blame culture"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Has to be one of the most shocking places to work, i cannot even articulate the issues, it's amazing they have not had bigger problems to date, the CTO is useless, i can't even imagine how someone that survives a hack, failed project after failed project remains employed. really consider working here.great officemanagement, training, culture"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked here 5 years and the last 4 of them everyone was waiting for the next round of redundancy. Nobody feels secure as any level of management seem to leave or get laid off. Decent perks free BB etc but this does not compensate the worry of looking over your shoulder waiting for the chop. Very weird the way it is run as on the surface its all going well bit its like chaos behind the scenes. The recruitment process is a farce and if you apply for anything you are lucky if you ever hear anything after the automated response.Decent Benefits like free BroadbandStress of always waiting to be laid off"

Customer Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"A Typical day at Talk Talk would involve taking inbound calls and making quite a few pestering outbound calls to potential customers, the place was poorly managed with a high turnover."

talktalk (Former Employee) says

"bad management, the benefits are really good here. Once the call centre manager left and a new one had been chosen things really started to deterate I'm sorry to say. The job itself is minotimus."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Deplorable management, naive and very top down culture. Overpriced canteen and lots of travel between London and Manchester."

Forecasting & Scheduling Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional management, unmotivated staff, not very good working culture, blame culture. Training not very good. Facilities at office not very well kept."

slaes (Former Employee) says

"from the momment you turn your headset on and login your computerits none stop, people complaing about there service, there bills contracts they hadnt agreed to, money being taking from peoples accounts form people that were being employed by talk talk who had acssess to all there bank details, details being duplicated so one sale in fact makes two so there commission is bigger at the end of the month.trying to get you to make sales to who dont even own a p.c, i just couldnt agree with these work ethics. this was a call center employed by talk talk so as long the money keeps pouring they dont care what goes on. Because they will sack who they catch, but even that doesnt stop the fact your in a contract now and you will end losing more money for another 12 to 18 monthslong hours work all weekends no benifits"

Software Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"The IT world within TT seemed be be in total turmoil the entire time I was with them. Management either took so long to plan and prepare for changes that the goals moved and the changes were withdrawn or changes just happened with no planning, in which case you ended up in repair mode for weeks.Near a tram stopLack of real leadership and cohension"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Franchise owners and Senior Management are appalling. Do not work for this company, they treat you as a resource not a human. Area Manager’s are the highest line of decent people working in the company"

Current Employee - Lead Generator says

"be able to handle Objectives"

Christine Taylor says

"My sister is classed as a vulnerable person and is chronically ill with advanced lung disease. She is a long standing customer of Talk Talk. She needs an urgent priority appointment to install wifi and a phone line in her new home due to emergency rehousing. She has been rehoused due to health reasons and lives on her own. She has just spent 160 minutes in an ongoing chat room call with no result or positive outcome and is so upset and stressed. The chat room operator was slow to respond to each message and must be dealing with multiple customers at the same time. It could have taken 5 minutes to discuss this issue on a phone call but has taken 160 minutes. Really appalling customer service and we are so disappointed. There should be a helpline for vulnerable customers and priority given to them for appointments."


"talktalk chat is atrocious they cut my live chat off twice could not understand the problem after explaining many times did not resolve the problem and definately would not advise using talktalk they are an absolute disgrace,"

George Smith says

"We have a Talk Talk TV box to be able to watch and record many many programs, however not all the programs that are scheduled to record actually record, they either record partially or not at all, on some chanels it is better to watch a program via the tv rather than the Talk Talk box as the program breaks up on the screen and the sound is dreadful. Having spent over 2hrs on a Talk Talk chat this afternoon - I was told it must be a signal problem and to contact an aerial specialist - if this is the case why can I watch a program via my tv and not the talk talk box? Their next answer was to do a factory reset and loose all our recordings. I asked if it could be a problem with their box and was told no. I was told to reset the box and if it still happened to contact them again via a chat. I'm not sure if I have the inclination, time or energy!! Lockdown or no lockdown."

avet says

"Poor service and poor customer service Our internet would often go off for several minutes before going back online. This was a recurring problem. They sent technicians out at least 4 times to 'fix' the problem, but it was never solved. So we have switched providers"

Somaliona Karakushi says

"They don’t even deserve a one star Talk talk, I’m on benefits and I was happy when I joined Talk talk because of the affordable price for WiFi, to use, to look for work everyday. Now I’ve got Talk talk staff pressuring me to pay my bill before the due date and it’s not fair to get billed for the late fee. It’s really upsetting me. I’m not happy at all. I want to leave Talk talk, but, I was advised that they would charge me a cancellation fee of £129 which is disgusting if to u ask me. Luv from Somaliona."

Nick Yearwood says

"Total waste of 15mins trying to upgrade via the chat. Then due to inflexibility, unable to match the deal available online to include the £80 gift voucher. I may now switch provider based on this intransigence. Frankly, pathetic."

rebecca kemlo says

"Wasted hours failing to get through on the phone followed by terrible service on the web chat - issue still not resolved."

Chris F says

"When someone dies, and consequentially misses a payment, they are lumped in with every other debtor. Yes, REALLY. The service is cut off and, when alerted as to the reason why, and the arrears cleared, it is put in a queue of up to 24 hours to be restored. Try organising a funeral, especially during Covid, with no telephone, email, internet......... for a day. So, not a great start, especially as this interaction took nearly 50 minutes. I asked to continue the contract whilst I endeavour to sell my late father's house. As a bereavement dispensation, I may cancel the balance of the 1-year contract (that they insist on me taking out) so long as I do it within 90 days. If it takes me 91 days to sell the house then I am liable to pay the other 9 months of the contract. This is effectively a Death Tax. I raised these issues with TalkTalk (via a helpful contact) and was offered a discount on the Tax. I declined. Who knows, they may come back with a further reduction in the death tax but, end-to-end, it is a dreadful way to treat bereaved relatives. The only reason that I am trying to stick with TT is that I don't want yet another overhead of sorting out an alternative supplier when there is so much other administration to be undertaken. TalkTalk are exploiting this vulnerability by their actions. In contrast, I have received incredibly helpful responses from utility suppliers (United Utilities deserve a special mention), insurance companies and the Government. Replying to Karl's Vanilla comment: I don't need to reach out, I just need TalkTalk to treat bereaved relatives properly: how about addressing the points that I raised?"

Barbara Jones says

"Spent along time on phone trying to sort things out with crackling on phone then got cut off no one got back to me so still can't use my phones"

Ewa Mesing says


Susan Rushen says

"Connected my phone line to the wrong flat!!! The engineers connected my line to number 11 instead of my flat number 21. It took 4 and a half hours of online chat to get someone to understand what had happened. Then it took over a week to get it fixed. Their customer service phone lines were not working so not able to talk to anyone. This act not only left me without internet but also cut the phone off to a vulnerable 91-year-old lady. I was charged for the phone calls she made during that time. Talktalk complaints have yet to acknowledge and compensate for this error all attempts to contact them have been ignored. Little point in suggesting the community twitter as solutions, all attempts to have this issue resolved have been ignored. I have even sent a snail mail letter to your complaints department with no response."

Guest says

"Quite possibly the worst company i have ever dealt with. So unhelpful, make it very difficult to communicate with them. Tell you that everything is working fine even when its all down and not working. They wont send engineers out to resolve the issue they want you to spend hours taking the phone socket to pieces. Our broadband has been constantly dropping out every 10 minutes for over a week now and they just say everything is fine, driving my mad, would certainly not recommend and cant understand how they are in business!!!!"